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Bird Control Solutions

Our specifications can be tailored and structured to each client’s specific problem and environment, and can include both reactionary and precautionary methods including service contracts.

Our fully trained bird control team are able to advise and undertake the correct measures to ensure that your property is protected from bird problems. We offer complete bird control solutions

Bird Control Methods


Bird netting consists of UV stabilised polyethylene and can come in different colours to match the background colour of the building or structure. Netting presents a physical barrier to exclude the most persistent of birds and can be configured horizontally, vertically or at an angle to accommodate most buildings, structures and areas. This is secured into position attached to straining wires tensioned through a series of fixed eyebolts to provide a neat taut finish.

We are able to provide you with a quality netting installation that will last for many years in protecting your property and preserving your environment.

Anti-perching points or spikes

Anti-perching points or spikes consist of a series of stainless steel angled wires on a plastic polycarbonate base. These are secured into position by using a neutral silicone adhesive or screws depending upon the surface.

These are ideal for ledges, parapets and columns etc. and prevent birds from landing without harm. The stainless steel wires or spikes are very pliable without risk of harming people coming into contact with them. This system can be used in areas where birds are roosting or perching and is particularly effective against Feral Pigeons and Gulls.

‘Bird-wire’ tensioned wire system

‘Bird- wire’ consists of a series of stainless steel wires tensioned with springs between fixed posts. This system is particularly suitable for use on exposed ledges or parapets where birds would site infrequently. It prevents birds from landing without harm and is not suitable where heavy activity is present or persistent such as nesting areas.


This method of controlling pest bird species has been provided by us since the conception of our Company. We can provide a different number of Hawks and Falcons against a variety of different pest birds such as Feral Pigeons, with our specialist Falconry team having many years experience in this form of control throughout London and the South East.

This method has been used for many years, particularly on landfill sites and air force bases against Gulls and other birds with effective results. However, it is not always suitable and depends upon many factors before determining the most effective measures to be employed. It is all too often undertaken or proposed by companies with little understanding of its use for either publicity as a public relations exercise or at worse not giving the client value for money.

Common Bird Control Problems & Solutions

Population control

Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out flock reduction or population control measures. This form of control should only be undertaken after all other methods have been explored and considered. It can be very effective in removing persistent problem birds and reduce numbers rapidly.

Our qualified team of experts will ensure that regardless of your problem we will work with you in an ethical and responsible manner in what can be clearly a very sensitive issue. Our specialist bird control team has many years experience in flock reduction measures such as trapping or shooting.

Guano or fouling removal

Bird fouling from birds such as Feral Pigeons, Gulls, Starlings and House Sparrows if left to accumulate can present serious safety and disease risks.

We are experienced in the removal of guano and associated debris such as feathers, nesting material, carcasses etc., including the cleaning and disinfection of the contaminated area. Our team of experienced bird control technicians will recommend appropriate measures that can be introduced or implemented to ensure that your environment remains free of infestation.

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