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COVID-19 Decontamination

Vermikil Pest Control Services Limited have developed and introduced a COVID-19 decontamination and sanitisation strategy for our client’s working environments across London and the South East.

In accordance with advice issued from the UK government and Public Health England, we are able to provide a specialist COVID-19 coronavirus decontamination service for any premises that has been affected by a confirmed case of coronavirus or high risk premises that wish to take a precautionary approach.

Irrespective of your business type, Vermikil are here to help

At Vermikil Pest Control Services we are continuously faced with viral and bacterial contamination on a daily basis. From rodent faeces to guano associated with bird activity; our professional technicians­ are trained in public health protection and are able to clean to high levels before, during and after infestations from pest activity.

Public health pests such as rodents, crawling and flying insects and birds are all potential vectors of disease transmission to humans. This has the ability to impact the health and well-being of both people and their businesses. We at Vermikil Pest Control Services have provided support across all business sectors for over 25 years and are here to help you and your business.

COVID-19 coronavirus is yet another example of a zoonosis being transmitted from animals to humans, resulting in devastating effects on public health with a high global mortality rate and severe economic impacts.

Vermikil will support you and your business, giving you peace of mind

Scientists worldwide are all desperately working to find a vaccination and cure for the COVID-19 coronavirus, which is still some distance away with trials now taking place. This will take some time, in the meantime the UK government has introduced measures, which all require our help to slow down and reduce the rates of infection. This will help manage the flow of people requiring medical attention, which will enable our NHS health care system to manage this pandemic and reduce the risk of overwhelming the system.

Workplace decontamination

Surfaces contaminated with the COVID-19 coronavirus present a high risk of infection and pose a significant risk to health. The virus is highly contagious and can live outside of the body for many hours or even days depending upon the surface that it resides on.

Thorough cleaning and sanitation with industry approved products compliant to EN 14476 will significantly reduce the risk of contamination and disease transmission, providing returning employees and the public with reassurance that appropriate action has been taken to protect them against contracting the virus.

Professional cleaning by our highly trained technicians will provide reassurance to you and your staff and give you complete confidence, enabling all concerned to feel secure that measures have been introduced to ensure a reduced risk of infection, and support your business moving towards normality once again.

Safety at all times

The safety of all employees and clients is of our upmost priority; and during our COVID-19 coronavirus decontamination treatments, this is no di­fferent. Our technicians have had training in infection control and prior to starting our decontamination operation on site will receive an onsite induction and a dedicated virtual toolbox talk on all necessary precautions to be taken. All technicians are fully briefed with the scope of works and safety requirements, and include being fully equipped with appropriate PPE and RPE for this type of specialist work.

We utilise ULV (ultra-low volume) machines that deliver a fine virucidal mist into the atmosphere, which is able to reach difficult locations that require decontamination.
The droplets in the mist will settle leaving a high level active residual coating on all surfaces that it comes in to contact with, killing viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. This method provides the ability to treat very large areas in a much reduced timeframe, making this a very eff­ective and efficient method of decontamination treatment.

Our fully trained professional technicians will disinfect key touchpoints, such as door handles, light switches and work surfaces etc., to reduce the risk of virus transfer. All waste is removed from site in accordance with relevant guidance and legislation and will be disposed of safely.

High risk areas that require attention, ensuring eff­ective disinfection

All high traffic surfaces such as;

  • Walkways
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Desk surfaces
  • Computer keyboards
  • Telephones
  • Serving counters
  • Vending machine areas
  • Kitchens and office tea points
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Any surfaces contaminated from bodily fluids

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